Mr. Happy

from by Bad Head

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Mr. Happy is a symphony in its structure.

The First Movement is a Sonata: An exploration of a short theme repeated and explored in a number of ways.
Second movement is an Adagio: slow and stately (literally “at ease”)
Third movement is a Minuet: A short segment typically in 3/4 time performed by a trio
All culminating in the fourth movement, the Rhondo: The fastest, loudest part, densely layered and repeating a theme.

Composed by Kevin Hassett, performed by Bad Head.


1st Movement:
Hassett’s Symphony No.1 in G-Sharp Major, "Mr. Happy": I. Sonata, 'Proper Etiquette For Running Away From Home'

Psychic says it’s mom’s voice in my head that makes me feel this way

Dad says he won't stop bothering me until I go to therapy

Therapist says I'm clearly a principled young man and he really thinks I'm on my way

Two psychiatrists said I'm clearly depressed and by no means should I leave

Hooker said "I'm not not a Motel 6 kinda girl and by your look you can't afford me anyway"

I'm pretty sure Jane's an atheist but she said, "For the love of god, stop talking to me"

I wanna wake up when I'm finished sleeping, excuse me mister sorry for interrupting, but won't you leave me alone? Won't you leave me alone.

All my New York friends are too depressed to get out of bed so I hopped a freight train to Chicago
I met a girl who seemed to live in her own world but she had a boyfriend
She told me she had feelings for me and then I kissed her and then she fucked all my friends and never talked to me again
Lilly spent the whole party staring and licking her lips at me
I asked her to the roof she said she was too drunk the next day I asked out and she said sorry
Still I can’t get over the Renoir eyes, storybook mind, and that stupid fucking way that she walks
Chance said just a peck and it was just a peck
I met the 25 year old guy Chance fucked instead of me and I couldn't agree more really
I once had a girl who said that I was her whole world, it took her three weeks to move on to fucking vinny
David Byrne says the best thing to have is a girlfriend with bows in her hair
And David I couldn't agree more but I can't find her anywhere
I got bad timing, an off-putting demeanor, and crippling social anxiety
I say that as if anyone who really got to know me would fucking fall in love with me

But I can't always be waiting on you

My friends are too realistic to do what they want so they got sucked up by school and then Wall Street
Dylan says sometimes talking to me is fucking exhausting
I just met another old lady who said she's praying for me
Oh but can't you tell from this melody that I am just fucking peachy

I don’t have a temper I’m just fucking angry
They wanna teach me manners, we'll listen lady
I'm leaving and I'm not sending any post cards or souvenir cups
I've got to sort out my values, will somebody shut that fucking baby up

Neighbor says "kid why are you breaking all that shit I'm sick of all these fucking stoners"

I saw a girl who danced by herself in the flowers, she looked over at me and I just stood there

Principal said "son I'm proud of you you score the highest, but do you really have to dress like that"

I said "I'm sorry if I scratched your Japanese car but does it really fucking matter man"

The cop said you can't smile for mugshots but they couldn't take the smile off my face

Judge said "we don't have enough evidence but if you don't change soon you're gonna learn the hard way"

All the money in this world, every smile every girl, won't save me from just being a stupid fuck

Sister said "don’t talk to me like that I'm not a character in that fucking book"

JD said "Holden was a mistake now you damn kids get off my lawn"

God kept up her petty silent treatment and everything just kept going on

Basically what I'm saying is I thought it over in my head and all the things you said and now i don't hate you anymore

I used a fake name and I paid in cash but if you can track me down there's room here for one more

Yeah there's always room in this bed for one more

2nd Movement:
Hassett’s Symphony No.1 in G-Sharp Major, "Mr. Happy": II. Adagio, 'Gut-Level'

Daisy really fucked me up last year
I tried to play it as cool as I could
Daisy really fucked me up last year
I tried to play it off as cool as I could
I stopped myself from using the knife
Instead I used a marker
Wrote 'slut' and 'fuck up' all over my arms
Man I gotta learn to keep it together

You look, can I, would you, sorry
You look so, can I just, would you please, sorry, nevermind, please don’t leave

I couldn't possibly be losing it,
I swear I didn’t do it just for the reaction
I couldn't possibly be losing it,
Man I don't even care if I passed the audition
I couldn't possibly be losing it,
They just wanna get a conviction
I couldn't possibly be losing it,
but I'm having trouble with my concentration
I couldn't possibly be losing it,
It seems I get a cold every time I'm about to start singin'
I couldn't possibly be losing it,
I clipped my nails down to perfection

Daisy really fucked me up last year
I tried to play it as cool as I Could
Daisy really fucked me up last year
I tried to play it off as cool as I could
So cool

3rd Movement: Hassett’s Symphony No.1 in G-Sharp Major, "Mr. Happy": III. Minuet, 'Success Style'

I’m fucking falling apart here’s a smile I still got one saved from yesterday
Yes it’s all big joke, so just laugh and go home, please just leave me alone, what’s an audience good for anyway
I fucked up I know, god don’t you think that I know why do you have to keep saying it
You see this type of parenting is no good for me, I’m in no mood for your lecturing, and I never liked your whole success style anyway

Hassett’s Symphony No.1 in G-Sharp Major, "Mr. Happy": IV. Rhondo, 'Mr. Happy'

I am a person
I’m just fine
I’m alright
I can control myself
I can stay cool calm and collected
I don’t need anyone to calm me down.
I don’t need to be calmed down
I don’t need anyone to calm me down

I am a human
I have thoughts feelings and opinions
And they all matter
I am to be respected
I will be loved
Above all I should love and respect myself
I deserve what I have
I deserve to be happy
God doesn’t hate me
Mind over matter
I must seize every opportunity
If I need help I should seek it
I am a person
All opinions matter
I have potential
I will not lie
I will not break promises

I wont let you down sir
I won’t fuck it up
Not like last time
This time will be different
I will apply myself
My heart is in the right place
I am properly motivated and adequately inspired
No need to worry about me anymore
I’m all better
I talked to professionals
I got the right treatment
I followed all the right steps
I’m really on my way
I can buy things on credit because I know ill pay them back
I can start doing favors and not just receiving
I can be a person like other people
I am no longer thinking morbid thoughts
I no longer have a disrespectful attitude
I have stopped watching dark films and reading disturbing novels

I am no longer worried about other people’s problems
I will be happy with what I have
I will love the one I’m with
I will not fall into old cycles
I will not let my personal demons get the best of me
I am a capable and functioning adult
They talked some sense into me
Yes they fixed me up real good
I won’t fuck it up sir
Not like last time
This time will be different
You can trust in me
Yes I understand this is my last chance

I wont fuck it up sir
I wont let you down
I wont let you down sir
I wont fuck it up
Not again
Not again
Not again
I won’t have anymore episodes
I am not alone
I will not be such a child
I will not make excuses for my laziness
I will stay on the ball and keep my head in the game
I won’t let my emotions get the best of me

When I was a kid I had straight blonde hair

Fuck I know I could be anybody
And I’m sorry that I’m me


from Pathétique, track released April 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Bad Head

A longing, a loneliness, you know, whatever. You got it too.

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